Yoga for Everyone

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Ab 6.März
Erwachsene+Kids, Teens Anfänger
Mindestens 5 Teilnehmer
Unterricht auf Englisch
10 Stunden á 90 Minuten
Dienstag, 18:00 – 19:00 Uhr


1 Stunde 15 Euro
10 Stunden 150 Euro

14169549_1274070495939148_1188893151_nAshtanga Yoga
The quick pace of everyday life creates both physical and emotional stress which adversely affects our health and well-being. Lack of energy, back and neck pain, headaches, bad moods and depression are all direct results of physical and spiritual unbalance. It has been proven over many centuries that Yoga, which includes physical exercises, relaxation techniques, breathing and meditation all contribute to relieve these problems by bringing the mind and body into full balance and harmony.

Start getting ready for Christmass!! ART OF YOGA VIENNA SPECIAL EXCITING OFFER – INTRODUCTION TO YOGA Starting 6 March, I am offering a special 10 session program – „Introduction to Yoga“. You will learn proper breathing techniques, the basics of meditation, effective relaxation and key Yoga exercises to connect you with every muscle in your body and relieve stress. Together, these secrets of Yoga will help you find a balance of mind and body, lose weight, tone your muscles and feel great!! Treat yourself to this pleasant experience! This special program is offered at a super price of only 150 for all 10 sessions. Upon completion of the program, each participant will also receive a free individual consultation and personalised home training plan. The first 10 students to register will also receive a free Chakra healing evaluation. The Studio is located in a very quiet place near Vienna. Classes with be held every Tuesday from 18.00 to 19:30 (Introduction class) Individual and private Yoga lessons are available upon request.